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Quality Work Through Dedication

Lee Wah Electrical Pte Ltd was established in 1984 by a group of professionals who are committed to providing services in aspects of electrical engineering works in buildings and offices. Our company started as a sub-contractor company majoring in all aspects of electrical works in new buildings.


Our aim is to meet the design, and engineering needs of each of our valued clients. Our commitment to professionalism and active involvement has enabled us to achieve a history of successful projects.


Our Knowledgeable field supervision and a skilled, productive labor force have been the key to many of our satisfied clients.  We are able to produce better quality services, coordination, expectation, and products in all aspects of Electrical & Engineering works to our valued clients.

We provide all aspects of design, and electrical installation works and service such as:-
  • Electrical Installation Works.
  • LT Switchboard Primary & Secondary Injection Test
  • Licensing of Industrial Electrical Installation
  • Data & Telephone Point Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning for installation works.
  • Trouble shooting in all electrical works.
  • Maintenance of commercial & industrial building.

Commercial Services

With our vast experience, we are able to offer full range services to electrical services to commercial property in Singapore, from restaurants, hotels, schools, and factories. We can troubleshoot power cuts, damaged appliances, faulty fire alarms CCTV, and lighting.

Industrial Services

Our Electricman is able to troubleshoot a full range of Industrial services in Singapore. We carry out electrical inspections, electrical testing, electrical maintenance and electrical repairs.

  • Lighting Upgrades

    Lighting is crucial for the commercial & industrial areas. Appropriate lighting enables people to complete daily tasks efficiently, feel safer, and create an aesthetically feeling at the place. However, based on the size of each place, specific lighting specification is required, It is important to have a reliable electrician in Singapore to assist you to ensure all is in order, faulty installations may sum up a larger amount than installation.

  • Install A Ceiling Fan

    Installation of a ceiling fan is one of the cheapest ways to keep your business comfortable as it helps to circulate heat and air movement to keep your rooms more comfortable for inhabitants. It will help your conditioners operate more efficiently leaving your room cooler and better ventilated than you use air conditioner alone, it also can help beautify your businesses as they come in many attractive shapes and sizes that match your interior. Engage our professional electricians in order to avoid future problems.

  • Power Failure & Recovery

    Power tipping or power failure in Singapore is a common major problem faced by many companies at one point or the other in their lives. Many people will get frustrated at the fact that they are left clueless with the inability to resolve the occurring problem. This could inevitable lead to a significant amount in loss of revenue. With us, we have experienced electrician in Singapore that is able to conduct any electrical-related troubleshooting and rectification to minimising the downtime and solving the problem quickly

  • Wiring Upgrades

    Wire upgrading is important as old or faulty wiring can cause the entire electrical system to trip frequently and is a common cause of electrical fires. Common signs of faulty wiring are dimming or flickering lights, frequently blown breakers or fuses, and charred or blackened switches. if you frequently face such problems, it important to hire experienced and reliable electrical wiring contractors in Singapore to rectify this issues.

  • Power Socket/Power Point Inatallation

    Faulty power sockets are one of the most common and inevitable issues faced anywhere. since it is only a viable way for us to get our electrical appliance to work, it is definitely troublesome whenever one stops working. Although the most common problem occurs from an electrical wiring issue, it is not surprising to see a power point malfunctioning just for no apparent reason. As complicated as it sounds, replacing the electrical outlet may or may not resolve the problem entirely but this could prevent any fire hazards or any trigger of a shock, with our experience in electrical services in Singapore we are able to provide reliable electrician to ensure the installation of your power sockets/power points is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

  • Troubleshoting Inspection

    Ever Faced a blackout in the middle of a presentation? have problems charging your electrical applications? Electrical related problems are becoming more and more common nowadays. Certain electrical issues are human-caused and these could be avoided. However, if you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring, you should not be messed with it, thus it crucial to hire a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore that is certified to provide guidance and to troubleshoot any electrical concerns you might have.  

Why Choose Us


Our experienced team behind Lee Wah Electrical Pte Ltd serves each customer with integrity. With a low turnover staff rate, we can provide proper and consistent service to our clients at all times. Therefore, meeting requirements and maintaining high expectations with proper & detailed analysis of every project. You can expect consistent high-quality performance and services.  With our professional ethics, we are confident that each of our customers will receive personalized service and be assured of quality results.

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  • Safe & Secure

    We guarantee to provide comprehensive safe & secure services for your electrical needs. whether it for commercial or industrial. Solutions for any electrical issues, from seemingly basic to the most daunting repairs and installations, are just an arm-length away when you choose to work with us.

  • Experience Services

    with our licensed electrician, we ensure safety quality to your company and you. Stay away from the dangers of sloppy electrical works done by an inexperienced electrician. With us, you can be sure that you are working with licensed, trained and skilled experts who are more than qualified to inspect and rectify faulty wiring and electrical installations.

  • Low Cost

    We are able to keep our cost down as our licensed and professional electrical engineers consistently deliver quality workmanship in a timely manner which in turn save your time thus allow us to keeping cost down

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